Overview of Aviation Security

Over the past decades, the safety and security of passengers, crew and aircraft have been an increasing concern, however; after the tragic events of 9/11 the aviation industry worldwide have changed significantly. Decisions were made on how to better protect aviation assets from terrorists’ attacks, in particular.
Initially the impact of 9/11 had resulted in a downfall of air travel and airlines cut many jobs. But one of the most notable changes were security related. Many aviation stakeholders and countries had to adjust to new security practices, including Trinidad and Tobago.
Apart from other enhanced safety and security mechanisms that were put in place, new security screening measures were introduced, which includes:

  •  Removal of shoes and jackets at security checkpoints
  •  All carry-on and checked baggage must be screened
  •   Restrictions on liquids above 3.4 ounces
  •   Removal of electronic items, including laptops from carry-on bags
  •   Enhanced screening methods
  •   Use of advanced screening equipment

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